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Move Innovation creates business

It is our task to be a catalyst for our customers trade and earnings.

When customers come to us, they have most often identified a market with a need and created a business idea, or maybe they suggest an upgrade of an existing product. The product must fit into the customer's existing organization and processes. For us, it is therefore important to reinforce the credibility of the business idea that we help our customers launch.
Move Innovation loves to design, develop and produce devices with electronics. We think it's fun to make things work. Our engineers collaborate on exciting projects that customers may have had trouble solving in a timely manner.

When organizations get stuck in projects or feel the solution is impossible to find, we would like to help. We are both involved in the start of a solution process and completely in the production phase. Our expertise can be found in all parts of the process - from idea to finished product.

We have for example been part of productions in the medico industry such as Spiromagic. We have also developed an intelligent manifold in the MouldFlo project. These cases are just a small selection of the many projects we have completed and are currently in progress. But they give an insight into the qualifications our engineers possess.


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