• Industry 4.0 - Customised IIoT Solutions


Machine monitoring and optimisation

Cost-efficient IIoT Solutions giving you flexibility and profit

In Move Innovation we have years of experience developing Industry 4.0 compatible solutions with an evident impact. Our innovative approach to cloud computing allows you to get a solution that is economical, based on your actual needs, and open to further independent development.


We make sure that you get:

  • A costumised setup
  • Clean data that are easy to use
  • An open platform with the possibility to expand over time


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Diverse experience with customised solutions

At Move Innovation, we have worked with Industrial Internet of Things for years, and we have specialised in customising solutions to the requirements of each specific company.

We have delivered hundreds of finished IIoT Solutions for several big customers all over the globe, dealing with - among other things - plastic, water, cooling, windmills, cement, and bioethanol. We are always working in confidentiality and we therefore keep our collaborations secret unless our partners have specifically agreed to disclosure.     

Matlab, Simulink, Azure, IIoT Edge Solutions, secure databases, and customised hardware for aggressive environments is a common part of our day-to-day.


Data Collection and Analysis

An important part of Move Innovation’s IIoT Solutions, is the hardware we develop for data collection, measuring pressure, movements, temperature, flow and image analysis.

These data are then processed in a distributed Condition Monitoring System, where they are implemented into graphs, figures or alarm functions, thereby ensuring both an effective on-site and remote monitoring of machines.

Our implementation of algorithms in the monitoring systems, makes it possible for operators to quickly adjust machine settings.


Profit and Sustainability

The information that the IIoT solutions offer, leads directly to economical and sustainable earnings.

By ensuring proper preventive maintenance and thereby avoiding damages and unnecessary wear, the lifetime of the manufacturing equipment is prolonged.

Furthermore, the solutions make it possible to discover what machine settings will lead to the best production value.

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