• Move Data Node


efficient collecting of your data

The Move Data Node is designed specifically to collect relevant data in aggresive environments. With a diverse range of the sensors the Data Node collects everything you need to know about your production.

With years of experience making these solutions for companies of all sorts and sizes, we know exactly how to tailor it to your needs. 


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  • Analog interface:
    • Up to eight current based analog sensor channels
    • Simultaneous 122 kHz sampling
    • 24 bit resolution
    • Analog interface supports 5 mA ICP accelerometers
  • Trigger Interface:
    • Two 2000V isolated trigger inputs
    • Two non-isolated trigger inputs
    • 95 MHz resolution for high phase alignment
  • Easy Mounting and Installation:
    • Easy mounting requiring only two M6 bolts.
    • Industry standard M12 connectors make installation fast and easy.
    • Requires only a single combined power and data communication cable.
    • Can be mounted directly on the mechanical structures using Vestas item number 29011970
  • Mechanical Specification:
    • Dimensions: 300 x 195 x 70 mm
    • Weight: 6 kg
    • Tolerant for high vibrations and rotation.
  • Environment:
    • Enclosure is IP-64 when installed correctly
    • Operating temperature: -25 C° to 60 C°
  • Service Interface
    • LED indicators for fast verification of unit and sensor functionality