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Move Innovation is specialised in developing and refining embedded hardware. Our team of experienced and curious hardware engineers, is characterised by their efficiency and eagerness to solve any task - even when it seems like an impossible one. We make sure that you are left with functional solutions that can be easily updated, saving you money on both service and maintenance. By testing components in their upcoming operating environment early in the development phase, we ensure that your solution is tailored for the real world necessities. We have extensive experience in complying with documentation requirements and standards as well as optimising approval processes and verifications.


From First Thought to Final Product

When you collaborate with Move Innovation in your hardware development, you are sure to be an active part of every step in the process. We have experience collaborating with companies and start-ups of all sizes and we always tailor the scope of the project specifically for you. Depending on your needs, these are the stages that Move Innovation guides you through:


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Tools & Competencies 

Hardware Design: Schematics, Layout, Altium Designer, OrCAD/Allegro

Prototype Lab: Hardware and mechanic reworking

Test equipment: Climate chamber, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer

Mechanics: 3D print, SolidWorks, Injection Mould design, rapid prototyping

FPGAs:  Xilinx, Altera, Lattice

Processors: ARM, X86, Cypress

Interfaces: RS485, CAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth

Experience: Digital- and analog design, Design for industrial applications, Power Electronics, Wearables, High precision analog to digital conversion, FPGA design

Types of Products: Industrial, Medical, Consumer


Technical Specification

A properly defined technical specification that outlines the requirements and functionalities of your end-product, will often make the difference between a successfully executed project and a failed one. The technical specification helps identifying possible risks in the requested functionalities and performance levels, and it outlines the time, costs and human resources required for executing the project. For Move Innovation, the most important element at this stage is finding alignment with you through workshops and dialogue. We will help you create a fulfilling technical specification that is based on your wishes and our experience, by drawing on technical specialists and project managers that matches the complexity of your project.


Mock-up & Prototype

When you introduce new products or technologies it always involves increased risks, such as misalignment in functionality and user experience. By rapidly creating a functional prototype, Move Innovation makes sure, that the project risks are uncovered and minimized at an early stage and with low costs. We have the skills and equipment necessary to do rapid prototyping and Proof of Concept and we help you implement and validate new ideas and technologies in the most cost-efficient way.



The hardware engineers at Move Innovation are experts in the newest versions of Altium Designer as well as OrCAD/Allegro. Having multiple engineers in the office allows for technical discussion with specialists in all fields and by drawing on each others’ specialities, we create properly structured designs that are verifiable and well-documented. The first rapid schematic includes many testpoints and possibilities for adjustments, so that we are sure to get you the best possible solution.


Integration of Electronics

Our hardware engineers are specialized in creating advanced PCB layouts, matching the performance, size and cost requirements of your product. All layouts are created with 3D models, that helps identify and solve mechanical issues even before production. While Move Innovation will produce and maintain production material, data always remains your property, allowing for agile manufacturing at your preferred EMS.


Box Build & Mechanics

Move Innovation assists in the transition from electronics to enclosed device and we are specialised in implementing electronics into your required mechanics. Furthermore, we help you specify connectors and user interface according to legislations and design requirements. We always make sure to optimise the design of the solution for production by simplifying assembly and manufacturability.


Test & Validation

At Move Innovation we are specialised in defining test requirements to ensure long term operation of your products. We have  extensive experience in physical testing of calculations and designs, as well as ensuring compliance with documentation requirements and standards such as MDD, ISO 13485, IEC60601 and IEC61010. By combining our own laboratory and equipment with partnerships of test facilities across Denmark, we are capable of performing a wide variety of tests and analyses, in order to optimise your product for reliability and performance.



Move Innovation has a lot of experience working with CE and medical certification of products. By taking certifications into consideration at an early design stage, the time to market can be drastically reduced. We can help you through the process of pre-scanning as well as ensure your products’ full compliance with requirements.



Move Innovation has experience collaborating with a wide range of manufacturers of high quality electronics. We make sure that you find the EMS best suited for your specific needs regarding production time, costs and complexity, and we help you set up initial production. We can also help you build customized production and test equipment, allowing for fast and simple programming, configuration, traceability and testing. Once production is up and running, we will ensure a proper handover of production material, enabling your company to continue production on its own.


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