An important competence within Move Innovation is our end-to-end development. We are a qualified team who are experts in both R&D, software and hardware engineering. It is therefore possible for us to make 360° solutions that are consistent and beneficial to our customers.

Our definition of a solution is an infrastructure consisting of several devices and components that address a specific need or problem. It can be everything from a simple communication with a meter and a smartphone to large distributed international solution. For example, deformation is measured with a number of sensors per production machine. These send data synchronously to a timeseries database where logic calculates the aging time of the machines and plans preventive maintenance. This avoids a breakdown in production. And it saves a lot of money for our customers.

In our system solutions, Move Innovation has a process that often involves several different methods of data visualization and processing. One of the many development methods that Move Innovation uses is model-based development with model-based tools such as Matlab and Simulink from Mathworks. This is an advanced method of developing using mathematics, which we think is both useful and fun to work with.

In order to visualize the data that Matlab and Simulink analyze, Move Innovation develops apps. In addition, we build databases and servers.


Matlab & Simulink

Save development time and implementation resources with Matlab and Simulink from Mathworks. The agile world is a reality in apparatus development.

Move Innovation has developed a framework that can embed, test and control MatLab and Simulink models in a production environment. The framework controls the interfaces to counteract adverse effects on and from the logical and mathematical models. The purpose is to minimize the resource volume and time interval when going from idea to operation, while at the same time connecting professional experts/researchers to the production environment. New ideas can therefore be tested and optimized much faster than before.

Previously, the experts should document their knowledge in a very high degree of detail and in a terminology that the development team understood. Then they could spend time training the development team so that they could properly code the systems and subsequently systematically test them. Thereafter, the experts took the opportunity to validate if the work was done correctly.
Now, the experts can, to a much greater extent than before, even implement and validate the models, and the development team simply has to deal with the framework conditions for the models to work. By using Matlab and Simulink from MathWorks, Move Innovation's goal was to make the development process faster, cheaper, more flexible and more likely to be successful at the same time. And we succeeded.



Move Innovation programs mobile applications (apps) that support devices in use. We develop apps either in connection with products we simultaneously develop or an already existing physical device. Since we are a mechatronic company, this link to a device is an important factor for us.
We have both experience with iOS and Android apps, as well as the development of databases for information collection.

For example, read about the Spiromagic case, which is a device connected to an iOS app.



Program databases, relational databases and metering databases for updates and all the data and information that Move Innovations solutions produce is an important part of our system solutions. The typical information flow is the collection of measurement data, data concentration, data verification, and data transfer to the databases. Or it could be that we send software updates to the equipment, or new setpoints, or updated algorithms according to the daily needs that the systems get. The databases are located in local or global networks and protected cloud solutions get a greater share of database installations.