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Development of electronics is developing rapidly and is closely related to the development of embedded software.
Communication between devices and components is becoming increasingly advanced, so it requires significant competencies in both areas to create successful products. For a number of years, Move Innovation has invested significant resources in the field of electronics development and embedded software, and today we are an extremely competent partner. We specialize in producing prototypes, special tasks and smaller series.

Move Innovation offers competent electronics development in a wide range of areas such as analogue and digital electronics and high-precision conversion between the two. We construct mechanical and electronic components that comply with specified properties. We put the components on printed circuit boards, pack them in a housing with connections and/or connectors to comply with mechanical stability and test the components in our in-house laboratory.
In addition to the functionality of the components and the device, it is important for us to focus on documentation and approval requirements for electronics development, which is carried out in a number of risk assessments such as physical tests of calculations on designs.

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Move Innovation is an expert in digital electronics development, and we love to take this role into our customers' projects. We develop electronic components and electronic products that lives in electrical appliances and instruments for companies and private individuals. We develop advanced "Big Data" systems that collect data from a variety of information channels and a large amount of sensors. We also design sensors and monitors that send digital and analog signals synchronously to data acquisition devices. Sensors can measure, flow, temperature, positions (in μm), vibrations, light, noise and more.
We have made devices that discretizise the analog signals to digital signals - and combine them with the other digital signals to create data streams. The data streams are forwarded to our devices' powerful computing cores, which can analyze and validate the digital signals and transform it into computer data that can be read by a number of systems.


Electronics assembly - from project to product number

We advise on the optimal production solutions from early on in the project. We also manufacture and assemble more of our customers' products and components.
In practice, the project number is replaced by a product number that our customers order from us. The advantage of this is, for example, that the warranty commitments lie with us, Move Innovation. Additionally, it is easy to order new appliances and components and easy to make changes as the knowledge about the device and the production is gathered in one place.

Our role is, among other things, the control of production prices, production and deliveries, including quality assurance and approval of production results, as well as service and warranty management.

Today we can produce our components and appliances at subcontractors in Europe and Asia.


Utilization of development knowledge in production

The only limitation of outsourcing the production to us is that we must have helped mature the product. The development role gives us unique knowledge about the product and the product's production and distribution requirements. During production and distribution, we therefore provide unique technology saving for the entire supply chain, ensuring quality and security of supply.