Move Innovation transforms ideas and inventions into finished products. We have years of experience in effective product development, which meet our customers needs and strategic goals for their company.

Move Innovation is not a consulting company where we finish the set task and move on to the next. We cooperate with the customer throughout the process and all development and designs are created by our engineers in our office in Søborg. It is important for us that our team of engineers can cooperate and discuss during the process, and therefore all production is also in-house.

We have established our product development in a number of agile processes that ensure efficient development in the shortest possible time. The aim is to achieve a useful result as soon as possible, but still ensuring that the quality is high.

Move Innovation provides design, development, production and service of products. This applies to the discovery of a need until the finished product is ready - in the form of a component, device or solution. Afterwards we can make sure to produce and/or maintain and upgrade the products.


Below you can read more about how you can use us as a partner, no matter where you are in the development:

From idea to concept, troubleshooting and technical discussion, production start-up.


Include us in the development process

From idea to concept
Troubleshooting & technical discussion
Production start-up